About Memik

Memik is a whole new type of social media platform. It harnesses patent-pending Augmented Reality (AR) technology to make sharing and discovering new dances, music, fashion (and more!) addictively fun. The app uses AI-powered 3D motion capture so you can create avatars with unique digital skins and original dance moves. Choose your favorite AR character, pick a song, and get ready to dance… in the kitchen, a park, the mall, or anywhere you feel like gettin’ down. Show us what you’ve got… or better yet, challenge your friends!

How it works

Start by downloading the Memik App from the Apple App Store.

Dance with a Character

How it works
Get the App, Download the Memik App from the Apple App Store today. It’s free!


Create a Custom Dance

Select the perfect song for your custom dance.

Record your custom dance! Make sure your entire body is within the camera frame.

Name and upload the video for processing. You will be notified when it is available under your profile.

Share with your followers and challenge them to match your moves!